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Caroline Maul wrote: I am the great granddaughter of Joseph Matusevich who immigrated from Kiev to the USA/NYC, I believe around 1914. My mother told me he came to attend university in NYC at first, but then was stuck here. So he lived between the City, Massachusetts and New Jersey. He always wore a suit and tie, and he helped to get different supplies, books, music and comfort foods and drinks shipped from possibly the Ukraine, to Russian immigrants in the US. I suppose he helped to start the underground market between the USA and Ukraine, or perhaps even Belarus, since people couldn't have most things shipped to the US legally. But my great grandfather found a way, probably illegally tho. My mother told me that her father and grandfather told her that they have family in both Kiev and Minsk. The only other information I know is that my great grandfather had a cousin in the Tsar's army, or perhaps navy. He was eventually a general or admiral, with the same surname, Matusevich. I know my great grandfather was an important figure in his community as when he died, thousands of people came to pay their respects. He did not talk much about his work, not even to my grandfather, apparently. So the crowds of people at his funeral was quite overwhelming for them. He died in 1973 or 74. I was either 3 or 4 when he died, but I still clearly remember his face and his voice, even playing with me once on the ground.

Paul Matusewicz from Seattle, Washington, work as a technologist in Puget Sound Blood Center. It is one of the biggest blood research center in the world. He has an MBA degree from City University in Seattle and a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Polytechnic University in New York. Paul has wife Sara and two daughters Anna and Dana.
Paul's great grandfather migrated to Poland from the Minsk region after the revolution. His grandfather-Jerzy Matusewicz was studying in Vilnius where he met his future wife Genowefa Pimpicka. He was a doctor-pediatrician. They settled down in Hancewicze, where Paul's dad - Janusz was born in 1935. Paul's grandmother worked in Hancewicze as a doctor, grandfather was a scout instructor. It is known, that he was training scout in glider flying. One of his students was the daughter of marshal Pilsudski. During the war, as an officer of the Polish Home Army (AK) he became an officer of the Belarusian Police. He was responsible for tracking down Communists. In 1943 he was killed by the Soviet partisans. After the war Paul's dad and his grandmother were resettled to Szczecinek, Poland. She was practicing medicine and died in 1954. Today one of the streets in Szczecinek is named Dr. Genowefa Matusewicz Street.
Paul's father has moved to USA in 1969, Paul - in 1980.

Mrs. Melissa Matusevich from Blacksburg, Virginia, has written to us, that her father-in-law came to the USA from Lithuania in the very early years of the twentieth century. Her brother and sister both came to the United States about the same time. One settled in West Virginia and the other in Chicago. According to Mrs. Melissa, representatives of a surname live also in Pennsylvania and New York.

Mr. Yakov from Boston has moved in USA in 1988. However, he still loves his native city Minsk very much. After graduation of Byelorussian polytechnic institute, he worked on a speciality in different cities of Belarus. In USA Yakov has studied much, then became one of first, if not the first, owner of the license of the engineer HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and air-conditioning) among the immigrants from USSR. After 6 years of working and good career, Yakov went to school again, and became a licensed Network Engineer. In that capacity he's working in Boston's suburb. Yakov is married, he have two children. The family lives near the Ocean, and after recent purchase of a dog (as a gift "to junior generation") walks along the beach, as Mr. Yakov has written, happend much more often :-)

Maxim Matusevich was born and grew up in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) but moved to the States back in 1991. He lives in Hoboken, New Jersey (just across Hudson from Manhattan) and teaches history at Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey. He haves a 17-year old son who goes to school in Germany on a student exchange program.
More information about Maxim Matusevich is here
This is a link for first book of Dr. Matusevich.
New book of Maxim Matusevich has just come out (10/2006). It's called "Africa in Russia, Russia in Africa: Three Centuries of Encounters" It should be available online through Amazon and Barnes & noble's in a couple of weeks.

More information in Russian version.