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Matusevich's street in Minsk. This photo has kindly given Yakov Matusevich from Toronto (!;-)   Dmitriy from Minsk is especially lucky: he lives not somewhere, but on Matusevich Str. Besides, the chapter of administration of his area also is Matusevich. For this reason, in some documents, which belong Dima, our surname meets three times: in the graphs "Surname", "Home address" and " The signature of the chapter of administration of area ". In other words: "Three in one":-)

Matusevich Pavel Dem'janovich Matusevich Pavel Demianovich (the grandfather of editor of project) was born in 1910 in village Leonovichi of Puhovichi district in Minsk area. His father was Demian Fedorovich (1878-1957), his mother was Natalia Fominichna. In the family besides Pavel were seven children - Pheophil (1906-1942), Kondrat (1908-1990), Nadezhda (1912-1959), Maria (1914-1984), Konstantin (1916-1996), Alexandra (1921-1957), Anton (1928-1992). In 1936 he has married with Tsymanova Sofia Mihajlovna, and bring up two children - Leonid and Vladimir. The senior lieutenant, the commander of a platoon of anti-tank battalion of 105-th motor-shooting division. Directly ahead the beginning of Great domestic war he served in Kaunas. According to received notification and the subsequent inquiries in the appropriate establishments, has missing at the end of 1941 - the beginning of 1942 near Smolensk. Because shortage of data, author is interested in any information about Pavel Matusevich and his brother-soldiers etc.
  Now relatives on Matusevich's line live in Minsk, Gomel and the Gomel area, Moscow suburbs, Samara.

Antonina N. Matusevich Antonina N. Matusevich was born in city of Tikhvins (near to Saint Petersburg) in 1926 in family of landowner Nikolai Antonovich Matusevich. Nikolai Antonovich - native of city Uzda of the Minsk area. To Tikhvin he has moved as a result of the First world war.
Antonina Nikolaevna's girlhood has passed in silent Tikhvin. During Great Domestic war Antonina Nikolaevna has started study in the Leningrad medical institute of name Pavlov, which has successfully ended, having received qualification of the surgeon. After three years of internship, she worked in hospital of a name of Sofia Perova.
To husband of Antonina Nikolaevna, Shchohalev Pavel Pavlovich have offered to manage faculty of forensic medicine in the Grodno medical institute, and he has agreed to moving, in hope is fast to return home. However the destiny has disposed differently. Pavel Pavlovich has died in 50 years. Antonina Nikolaevna has remained in Grodno to work as the doctor in local hospital. Now she already for a long time on the deserved rest, however keeps very active image of life: reads much, actively is interested in a politics. Antonina Nikolaevna has the richest vital and professional experience, many people till now address to her for the help, for advice.
This material is kindly was given by granddaughter of Antonina Nikolaevna - Natallia Shchohaleva.

Borisov. Voscresensky cathedral Sergey from Borisov now studies at Faculty of Telecommunications of the Byelorussian state university of computer science and radioelectronics. Except for two last years, as he has written, has lived in Borisov all conscious life, where has ended high school and Polytechnic Liceum. Sergey promised to ask for the parents about the grandparents and to signal to us. Let's wait :-)

Tatyana from Minsk has informed, that the grandmother of her grandmother, Franciska Matusevich, was born in 1831. She lived in village Borovljany, near to Minsk. On nationality Franciska was polka, on creed - catholic. She had the brother - Joseph Matusevich. After revolution, in 20th years of him have banished to Siberia, whence he has not returned. Franciska had happier destiny as she was married to tenant Piotuhovski Leopold, which did not have ground, hence, was not " the enemy of people ". Franciska Matusevich has died in 1937, in the age of 106 years, she is buried on a Catholic cemetery near Raubichi, the Minsk district.

Roman Matusevich. The self-portrait Roman Matusevich was born March, 15, 1981 in Minsk. He has completed the capital school №75 with an art bias and Architectural faculty of the Belarussian national technical university.
Now Roman works as the designer in medical firm "LODE" known in Belarus. He teaches in own creative studio on evenings. Draws pictures and shortly plans to open the website in Internet. Him hobbies is the painting (without comments:-) and the music.

Vitaliy Matusevich from Bobrujsk was born in 1974. He has strong good family: wife Olga, daughter Valery, son Pavel. According to Vitaly the family it's most important. It will be necessary to look back, on the traversed course of life sometime. The achievements, the disappointments, the constructed house… Vitaliy frequently saw, how parents, the grandfather with the grandmother are rejoices in anyone, the smallest even, achievement of the descendants. It's sincere joy. It's pride. It's the award! According to Vitaliy, you understand all this completely, when you become the father. And it's very important so as children were better than the parents, have reached the greater. They are Matuseviches you see! "I remember from little up, my mother brushed down for offence sometimes: "Don't dishonor the surname. Don't dishonor the father". I speak something similar now", - Vitaliy writes.
Vitaly works in "Bobrujsk tannery" Co. (selling of production). At leisure likes beer in the good company, he's gourmand. Vitaliy's hobby is video editing. He wants to create worthy family video archive.

"I was born 27.02.1984 in ordinary soviet family in Minsk My father worked as subway tunneller, mother – as water-channel engineer. My big brother had 6 years at that time..." Andrey Matusevich, Minsk

Gennady Matusevich was born in ancient Belarus city Hegumen (Cherven). He was ended art school in Minsk, the Belarus State theatrically-art institute.
Gennady is the professional painter. Some works of Gennady are presented in our section "Creativity", and also on a personal site.
"My father is Matusevich Vaclav Gavrilovich, native of Igumen region. He was born in 1910. The family had the ground. The father had seven brothers and two sisters. Everyone have been subjected to repression and banished to Siberia in 1936. We search for their traces now. The father and three more brothers have returned in Cherven after rehabilitation. My cousins Valeria and Fredek live in Gdynia. Cousin Evgenie lived and worked in Minsk, now lives in a Maryin Gorka.; Matusevich Stanislav lives in Brest, Matusevich Vladimir lives and works in Nikolaevsk on Amur river, Valentine and Victor live in Krasnoyarsk… My kinsfolk are great family with rich history".

Matusevich (Kishkilevich) Irina Cheslavovna Matusevich (Kishkilevich) Irina Cheslavovna was born in Slutsk 5.03.1968. She lives in Minsk now. Her father Matusevich Cheslav Stanislavovich was born in village Miklashi Djatlovo area of Grodno region, his parents - Stanislav Ivanovich and Teofiliya Izidorovna.

Elmira lives in Minsk with the year 2009. Currently (2012), she learns from the expert in the field of advertising.

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