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In this section - are presented the fragments of various lists, databases, lists and tables with the information about Matuseviches.

• The list of lost soviet soldiers during World War II
• The Books of Memory of Arkhangelsk and Leningrad region
• The list of Polish citizens, subjected to repressions in the USSR
• The list of immigrants in USA in beginning of XX century
• Matuseviches in Israel

The list of Matuseviches - lost soviet soldiers during World War II

The data listed below are taken from the web-site of information-search centre "Fatherland" (project of fund "Association "Fatherland" (Republic of Tartarstan, Russia) and Institute of problems of informatics of Academy of Sciences of Republic of Tartarstan, Russia).

Name, patronymic name Year of birth Place of birth Place of conscription
Adam Ivanovich1901Cherven' area, v.Chernyi brod 
Aleksandr Antonovich1925  
Aleksandr Iosifovich1911Dzerzhinsr area 
Aleksandr Iosifovich1911  
Andrei Stanislavovich1922  
Anton Avgustovich1905LugaLuzhskii OGVK
Anton Vasil'evich1898  
Anton Sergeevich1900Kirovskii area, Sinyavinskii p/s, Rabochii Poselok 5 
Arkadii Stepanovich1926Bobruisk area v.Voronovichi 
Vasilii Ivanovich1918  
Vasilii Nikolaevich1923Irkutsk 
Vasilii Stepanovich1906Krolevets, Chapaev st., 16 
Vasilii Stepanovich1906  
Viktor Lyudvigovich   
Viktor Lyudvigovich1906Verhnetoemsk area, Gorkovskii s/sVerhnetoemskii RVK Arhangel'sk area
Viktor Mihailovich1923Puhovichskii r-n 
Vladimir Alekseevich   
Vladimir Alekseevich1906  
Vladimir Vasil'evich1917  
Vladimir Vladimirovich1912  
Vladimir Vladimirovich1912  
Vladimir Efimovich1924  
Vladimir Semenovich1912Gresskii r-n, d.MorozyPriozerskii OGVK
Vladimir Fedorovich1893  
Vyacheslav Konstantinovich1924MinskMinskii GVK
Grigorii Mihailovich1901Nikol'skoe area, v. Il'minoLuninskii RVK
Evgenii Dem'yanovich1923Minsk, Storozhevskii tupik, 21 
Evgenii Dem'yanovich1923  
Eagenii Efimovich1926  
Eagenii Efimovich1926s. David-gorodok 
Evgenii Iosifovich1926  
I. A.   
Ivan Denisovich1922  
Ivan Stepanovich1915Osipovichi area, v. factory "Freedom" 
Iosif Vikentavich1908  
Iosif Ivanovich1919  
Iosif Potapovich1908  
Lev Mihailovich25.03.1906VitebskMinskii OVK
Nikolai Grigor'evich   
Nikolai Nikolaevich1908d.KaisakGatchinskii RVK
Nikolai Pavlovich1921d.Kolodichi 
Nikolai T.   
Pavel Mihailovich1909Starogorodskii r-nOnezhskii RVK Arhangel'skaya area
Pavel Nikolaevich1920  
Petr Alekseevich1908  
Petr Konstantinovich1917Smolyanichi area, v. Smol'nitsy 
Petr Naumovich1909Kosovo area, v. Ovetya 
Sergei Mihailovich1924Uzdevo area 
Sergei Nikolaevich1920Gatchino area, v. Druzhnaya GorkaGatchinskii OGVK
Stanistav Adamovich1900  
Stanislav Grigor'evich1922  
Stanislav Grigor'evich1922Minsk region, Logoisk District, Olkhovets vil. 
Stanislav Iosifovich1922  
Stepan Ivanovich1903  
Stefan Ivanovich1903  
Fedor Ignat'evich1908Ganskii r-n, s.Ostryasheny 
Fedor Ignat'evich1908  
Eduard Antonovich1905Dzerzhinskii r-n 
Eduard Antonovich1905  
Yurii Aleksandrovich1921  

The Books of Memory of Arkhangelsk and Leningrad areas

The data listed below are taken from the site Soldat.ru. Some names of political subdivision do not coincide with existing now.
Matusevich Pavel Mihailovich
Year and the birthplace1909, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Starogorodsky district
Place of mobilizationArkhangelsk region, Onega military registration and enlistment office
Date, place and the reason of leaving24.06.1942, The Leningrad (Novgorod) region, Novgorod district. Was lost
Rank and military unitRed Army man 2 sd (4f)
Matusevich Viktor Lyudvigovich
Year and the birthplace1909, Russian Federation, Arkhangelsk regions, Verhnetoemsky district
Place of mobilizationArkhangelsk region, military registration and enlistment office of Verhnetoemsk
Date, place and the reason of leaving17.01.1944, Leningrad region, v. Big Konovalovo. Has died of wounds
Rank and military unitRed Army man 593 sp 131 sd (2f)
Matusevich Anton Avgustovich
Year and the birthplace1905, Russian Federation, Leningrad region, Luga
Place of mobilizationMilitary registration and enlistment office of Luga
Date, place and the reason of leaving05.1944. Was missing
Rank and military unitThe private soldier
Matusevich Anton Sergeevich
Year and the birthplace1900, Russian Federation, Leningrad region, Kirov district, Sinyavinskii settlement council, Working Settlement 5
Duty station996 sp, 286 sd
Date, place and the reason of leaving11.09.1941. Was missing
Rank and postRed Army man, rifleman
Matusevich Vladimir Semenovich
Year and the birthplace1912, Republic of Belarus, Minsk regions, Gressky district, v. Morozy
Place of mobilizationMilitary registration and enlistment office of Priozersk
Date, place and the reason of leaving12.1944. Was missing
RankPrivate soldier
Matusevich Nikolai Nikolaevich
Year and the birthplace1908, Russian Federation, Tambov region, v. Kaisak
Place of mobilizationGatchinskii military registration and enlistment office
Duty station63 BAO
Date, place and the reason of leaving09.1941. Was missing
Rank and postYounger politruk, the assistant of company commander
Matusevich Sergei Nikolaevich
Year and the birthplace1920, Russian Federation, Leningrad region, Gatchinsky district, w.s. Druzhnaya Gorka
Place of mobilizationGatchinskii military registration and enlistment office
Duty station63 BAO
Date and the reason of leaving16.06.1945 has died of wounds
Burial placeSlovakia, Bratislava, Russian military cemetery
Rank and postPrivate soldier, machine gunner

The list of Matuseviches - Polish citizens, subjected to repressions in the USSR

The list of Polish citizens-our namesakes, subjected to repressions in the USSR. The data are taken from the project "Index of subjected to repressions" of the research center Karta".
Name Patronymic Year of birth Place of arrest/service of sentence
AntoniMihal1903Belarus', 1939-41
IvanDmitrii1884Belarus', 1939-41
* - Was arrested in Belarus or on Ukraine approximately in 1939-1941.

The list of Matuseviches - immigrants in USA in beginning of XX century

The list of our namesakes immigrated in USA in beginning of XX century (1903-1923) (some variants of a spelling of the surname in English are submitted) are given below. In the column "Whence has arrived" for some records the name of the country was changed according to frontiers existing now.
The data was taken from the site of American Family Immigration History Center
Name and surname Whence has arrived When has arrived Age
Adam MatusiewiczMiedwize19059
Alexander MatusiewiczSmorgon, Belarus191218
Aniela MatusiewiczWasics, Poland192121
Anna MatusiewiczWikszonali, Russia191230
Antoni MatusiewiczDolhe, Austria190717
Antoni MatusiewiczJuchineliszki, Russia191020
Bonijati MatusiewiczSmolink, Russia191220
Borris MatusiewiczZappot, Danzig19235
David MatusiewiczSmolowitz, Russia19070
Eva MatusiewiczMiedwize190511
Feliks MatusiewiczChicago, U.S.A.191011
Franz MatusiewiczPosintince, Russia19092
Gregori MatusiewiczZappot, Danzig192335
Helena MatusiewiczNowa wolka, Poland192333
Iwan MatusiewiczGerwice, Russia190720
Iwan MatusiewiczZurkowka, Russia191019
Jadwiga MatusiewiczRajgund, Russia19118
Jan MatusiewiczKosemin190538
Jan MatusiewiczRogi, Galicy190919
Jan MatusiewiczWizany, Russia190832
Jons MatusiewiczGerewidzic, Russia190723
Josef MatusiewiczDanklu, Russia191025
Josef MatusiewiczPolaniec, Poland190628
Josefa MatusiewiczChicago, U.S.A.191034
Josefa MatusiewiczRajgund, Russia191170
Joseph MatusiewiczGlasgow190428
Jozef MatusiewiczKruwelin, Russia191019
Jozef MatusiewiczMiedwize190516
Jozefa MatusiewiczCiszewo190550
Kardy MatusiewiczLubatoya190318
Karol MatusiewiczPosintince, Russia190931
Karola MatusiewiczRogow, Galicy, Aust.190922
Katarzyna MatusiewiczRogi190330
Kaziemira MatusiewiczWasics, Poland192124
Leonard MatusiewiczNowa wolka, Poland19239
Luzya MatusiewiczChicago, U.S.A.19100
Magdalena MatusiewiczPosintince, Russia190927
Maryanna MatusiewiczOchotuithi, Russia191323
Maryanna MatusiewiczRogi190348
Meta MatusiewiczZappot, Danzig192331
Natalja MatusiewiczPacowice, Poland192336
Otto MatusiewiczPosintince, Russia19090
Patras MatusiewiczBaltromeja, Russia190920
Pelagin MatusiewiczRajgund, Russia19112
Pesche MatusiewiczSmolowitz, Russia190720
Roch MatusiewiczRogi190638
Sidor MatusiewiczPacowice, Russia191130
Solomon MatusiewiczZappot, Danzig19236
Stanislaw MatusiewiczJanosewd190734
Stanislaw MatusiewiczRajgund, Russia19114
Stasis MatusiewiczDwararolu, Russia191319
Staunsia MatusiewiczOchotuithi, Russia19130
Szeina MatusiewiczBnizcv, Poland192039
Thomas MatusiewiczMechanicsville, New York, U.S.A.191223
Wladyslaw MatusiewiczKozlowczyzna, Russia191222
Zofia MatusiewiczDolga, Galicia191217
Anita MatusevichBuenos Aires, Argentine19210
Ester MatusevichBuenos Aires, Argentine192125
Lea Reiza MatusevichSmolevichi, Belarus192320
Nahum MatusevichBuenos Aires, Argentine192130
Raqel MatusevichBuenos Aires, Argentine19212
Sara Hinda MatusevichSmolevichi, Belarus192317
Vincent MatusevichPeruck, Hungary190626
Hudel MatusevitchBuenos Aires, Argentine191517
Nechome MatusevitchBuenos Aires, Argentine191557
Perle MatusevitchBuenos Aires, Argentine191518
Haim Simha MatoussevitchOdessa, Russia19
Ruwen MatussewitzKowno, Lithuania190821
Wicentz MatussewitzAugustowo, Poland190619

Matuseviches in Israel

The list of Matuseviches-Israelis, according to the telephone directory of company Bezeq (70Kb).