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Monika Jolanta Matusewicz was born December, 25, 1970 in Kozuchow (Zielona Gora province, Poland), an only child in the family. She has arrived in 1990 on a vacation to Greece and has remained there. Monika lives in Athens, works in the travel agency. She has son Aristidis (1992) and daughter Emanuela (1993).
According to Monika, the family of her father has arrived from territory of modern Belarus. Unfortunately, there is not enough information about the relatives. The grandfather, Jan Matusewicz, was lost in the spring of 1945 year during the crossing through Odre. At that time Monika's father Marian had two years, his brother Waldemar - four. Jan's brother Feliks has left to the Western Poland after war, as well as many other Poles. Monika's grandmother Amelia after wedding with Jan Matusewicz have lodged in Pikuny. (unfortunately, it is not known where there was this village). After war Amelia and her mother Aleksandra Rokicka, having packed all domestic appliances and having collected children, have left to Poland …