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Marta Alicia Matusevich from Buenos Aires has informed, that her grandfather Nikolas was born in Ekaterinaslav, Ukraine, 1/1/1896. In 1909 he has arrived to Argentina (where his brother Miron has earlier arrived) with three sisters Nina, Maria and Malka. After, already together with the parents, all of them have settled in Coronel Suarez. Nikolas married and had two children: Sofia, which lives now in Israel, and Mauricio Alberto, living in Buenos Aires. He, in turn, had two daughters: grown-up - Marta, younger - Liliana. Both have families, but, certainly, they any more do not carry surname Matusevich. Liliana works as the architect, she have two sons - twins. Marta - the biologist, she have two daughters.

Sandra Matusevich from Buenos Aires has written to us, that her great-grandfather has arrived with children in Argentina from Kiev by the end of 1890. He had 18 children: 4 were born in the Russian Empire and 14 in province Entre Rios. Sandra's father Moises Matusevich was the sea officer, he has married in the capital of Argentina. Sandra has the native sister Gladys and forty five cousins, which have a surname Matusevich.

Marcelo Matusevich's grandmother and grandfather have moved to Argentina from Ukraine in the beginning of the last century. Marcelo thinks, that before they lived in Kiev. The name of his grandfather is Miron.
Marcelo live in Buenos Aires, and in a near future promised to send us more detailed information.